Saturday, December 8, 2007

How To Use Blogs As A Powerful Advertising Tool

There are three main factors that comprise a good online business. One is excellent products and services. If the products are good, there will be more customers. The same thing is true with the services. A satisfied customer will be a repeating customer. More than just becoming a repeating customer, he will also be a source of referrals.

The second main factor that comprises a good online business is the staff. When good people work for a company, the end result is positive. Between two businesses, it is always the one with good customer service that excels. Customers appreciate the feeling of importance. They want their needs to be served. Thus, having good staff makes a business more attractive.

The third factor, which is crucial for an online business, is online visibility. No matter how good the products or services are and no matter how excellent the customer service is, if there is no good online visibility, the business will still on the pit of failure. With the web, only the visible sites get visitors. If your website is nowhere to be seen on the web, how can you get visitors and customers?

Blogs Are The Next Big Thing In Online Advertising

How can you make an online business visible on the web? The solution is web marketing. An online business needs to be marketed on the web. There are several web marketing methods that web marketers and business owners can use. The most popular ones are article marketing, pay per click advertising, search engine marketing and blog marketing.

Among them, the latest is blog marketing. Blogs are quiet new in the web but they have soared high and are now dominating the web. There are blogs everywhere on the internet. What makes blogs phenomenal is its interactive nature.

Because blogs are everywhere and more online users visit blogs, advertising on them is a practical marketing move. There are three ways by which you can advertise on blogs. One is through targeted ads. With this kind of blog advertising, the advertiser creates the ads and the blogger decides when to present the ad. The decision is based on the relevance of the ads with the blog content.

The second way is through text links. The blog readers can visit the advertiser's site when they click on the text links. The third way is through sponsored posts. With this kind of blog advertising, the blogger is paid to post a product or service review then provide a text link pointing to the advertiser's site.

Blog advertising has attracted many advertisers because of its promising results. More and more online users are visiting blogs. This means that ads on blogs have more chances of being viewed.

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